The Story of Redline BBQ.

Redline BBQ

When Rick Pasche is not working at his original restaurant, Pasche’s Seafood Kitchen, he is experimenting with food. Distinct flavor profiles are certainly not new to the Pasche kitchen, as Rick’s upbringing in Texas with heavy Dutch and Asian influences lends itself to an array of flavors. As a result, Rick enjoys the creation of unique dishes. “Rick takes whatever I throw at him, goes back to the kitchen to experiment, and brings out a great new dish,” says Trish Case, Manager and Banquet Coordinator for Rick’s Restaurant Group. Redline BBQ and Smokehouse is the second of Pasche’s creations, and is solely focused on the food and its savory barbeque flavors. “We create everything at Redline with great love and care,” shares Trish.

While Redline BBQ has been in the Battle Creek community for about 8 years, the identity and location have varied greatly over that time period. At points it has been a stand-alone restaurant, a vendor at farmer’s markets, and a part of the menu at Pasche’s Lakeside. While fluidity has its advantages for a business, it comes with trade-offs. The fluidity of Redline BBQ’s location has made it difficult for Redline to attract a solid client base, despite rave food reviews.

BC Cargo was a solution that evolved over time for Redline BBQ. The pop-up shop marketplace opened in June 2018 and is beginning to see traction as a destination for diners and shoppers. In August, it became apparent to Rick that BC Cargo could serve as an anchor location for the duration of the season and in turn allow Redline staff to focus on brand identity, great food, and customer service. Making the decision to put down roots at BC Cargo was not an easy one; but Rick and Trish felt more confident after their experience with the Small Business Development Fund staff. “The Small Business Development Fund team is always diligently working to make sure we have everything we need to succeed,” Trish says. Moving forward, Redline is positioning itself as a premier BBQ smokehouse in the Battle Creek area and will evaluate next steps at the close of this market season.

“When you find an idea that you just can’t stop thinking about, that’s probably a good one to pursue.”

– Josh James, Omniture CEO and Co-Founder

The Redline BBQ Team

Ideas became our words. Words became our actions. Actions changed our lives.

Rick Pasche


Trish Case

Manager and Banquet Coordinator

Jason West

Team Member