Popup Vendors Welcome!

Do you have a product you would like to sell? BC Cargo Marketplace offers pop up vendor space within the footprint of the marketplace. Daily pop up vendor tent space is available for rent during regular marketplace hours.

What is BC Cargo?

BC Cargo is a pop up shop marketplace. The marketplace was established by the Small Business Development Fund of the City of Battle Creek as a creative and affordable way to launch small businesses in downtown Battle Creek. There is also space available for daily pop up vendors on site.

What is the length of the season?

BC Cargo marketplace is open from early May through mid December. There is outdoor space available for vendors as weather permits.

What are the hours of the marketplace?

The current marketplace hours are:

Saturday, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Individual merchants are open during additional hours as well, please visit each merchant page for more information.

Are vendors required to be open the full day?

Vendors are asked to comply to the hours of BC Cargo for all days while participating as a pop up. Closing early is permitted in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

What types of businesses are located at BC Cargo?

The marketplace is open to a variety of retail product and food service establishments. The 2018 season includes a clothing boutique, vegan restaurant, cold press coffee shop, barbeque smokehouse restaurant, Afro-centric business collaborative, custom design memorabilia and souvenirs.

Who sets up and mantains the pop up space?

Each pop up vendor is responsible for the establishment, physical set up and management of their materials as a stand-alone pop up business (similar to an outdoor market). BC Cargo staff will be on site at arrival to assist with location and positioning of vendor space.

Who sets up the pop up space?

Each vendor is responsible for the establishment, physical set up and management of the unit as a stand-alone business. Staff will be on site to assist with location and positioning. Each vendor is also responsible for bringing a table/tent/chairs/display/etc if desired.

What if I can only attend the market periodically?

Pop Up Vendor space is available for a daily rental rate of $10 – $25/day. An application for daily Pop Up Vendor space is available here.

merchant application

Popup Vendor Application

merchant application